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  • Product in 2020, nano atomization to reduce bacteria, fast atomization, no need to warm up, use immediately, easy to use. Easy to clean, ready to pack in your backpack
  • Large capacity design. Prevent harmful gases, easy to carry, can reduce large areas of bacteria at once, large spray volume, even droplets, adjustable mist, also suitable for home, garden, garden spraying plants. Can be directly sprayed on the human body, without wetting clothes
  • Easy to clean: easy to disassemble, versatile, lightweight and convenient size fits your hand, so you can spray longer without fatigue. It is also suitable for spraying plants in home, garden and garden. Can be sprayed directly on the human body, will not get wet clothes
  • Purify the air: eliminate odors, easy to use, no installation, keep the air moist, enjoy a healthier, cleaner environment, reduce the surrounding bacteria and odors. Suitable for sofas, beds, bathtubs, towels, clothes, carpets, keyboards and so on
  • Skin care: balancing the pH of the skin, it can keep the skin hydrated for a long time and also reduce skin problems. It allows the skin to better absorb nano water molecules. It makes the skin healthier



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