KNOSSOS GY-019 40kg Electronic Portable Scale Electronic Baggage Scale Fishing Scale – Black

1.Small and fashionable, easy to carry:With high-performance embedded microcomputers as the core, accurate weighing, stable performance.
2.Advanced design concept, simple operation:one key to complete all functional operations, unique LCD digital display, digital display clear.
3.40 kg large range double precision:10Kg/5g 40Kg/10g, that is, the weight range of 0-10kg, the accuracy of 5g, the smallest display to the decimal point after the three digits (0.005 kg, 0.010 kg, 0.015 kg), the weight range of 10-40 kg, the accuracy of 10g, the smallest display to the decimal point after the two digits (0.01 kg, 0.02 kg, 0.03 kg).
4.Energy saving and consumption reduction design:can reduce power consumption more effectively.
5.The product with backlight function:If no longer used within 20 seconds after use, it can automatically turn off the backlight function, and then wait 40 seconds without any operation after the electronic scale automatic shutdown, or long press the button 3 seconds shutdown.


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